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Champion By Design Research Study

Organization Name: Champion By Design Institute (A Life Enhancement Systems and Optimum Life partnership)
Project Name: Champion By Design Research Study (CBD)
Project Timeline: 1995 to 2008

Project Mission:
The mission of the Champion By Design study is to prove that ordinary people can be systematically taught to become life champions and that truly great life champions are not the product of chance--they are the result of consistently applying a common methodology that can be modeled and taught by design.

Project Description:
The purpose of the Champion By Design Research Study is to demonstrate the qualities that consistently make ordinary people become extraordinary life champions--athletes, heroes, business people, victims who champion against violence/crimes, and other such categories of individuals who produce amazing results against overwhelming odds.

The research gathered is being tested by specifically applying it to systematically build, develop, and create life champions - by design.

About Champion By Design Research:
In 2006, CBD research has entered its tenth year of actively studying, developing and proving a scientifically based unified field for human development and achievement. From 1996 to 2004 CBD specifically focused on the study
and development of a working model to consistently produce Olympic level performance in athletes.

From the initial focus of the research, the dynamics of the CBD model are being systematically tested and implimented
in real world conditions to establish the model's effectiveness in developing ordinary people into extraordinary life champions by design.

Project Areas of Focus:
The following five areas represent the individual focus themes and ongoing development of the CBD model that was created between 1996 and 1997 by the Life Enhancement Systems research team.

  1. MOP - Mission/Outcome/Purpose
  2. PEMS System (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Strategical)
  3. Project Schedules
  4. Measurement
  5. Resources

CBD represents many years of involvement, study and practice of human potential and peak performance psychology. T
he CBD research team is measurably proving a core set of fundamental principles that are practically applicable toward increasing the personal and professional quality of life for individuals and groups who adopt, customize and utilize the technology toward their cause.

The proven fundamental principles of this project will enable people, organizations and even social movements to systematically achieve the greatest impact, in the least amount of time, with the least amount of effort toward the fulfillment of their own unique causes.

Champion By Design Research Study documentation segment:
"Wrestling with the Devil"

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