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9/11/06, Colorado

5 years ago I traveled  to New York, both to do relief work and to shoot a documentary during the historic time of the 9/11. It's a moment of our collective lives that is etched in my mind forever.

  • How has life really changed since five years ago?
  • Now that we've forged an undeniable path what do we do from here?
  • How can we transform this tragedy into triumph?

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Report: NYC September 2001
A film by Enrique Montiel

"Tension at the airport was high. Something was very different, but not settled yet. The change itself was incomplete making the atmosphere even more surreal. I had a layover in Atlanta. The terminal to New York was a ghost town.

A week earlier I had spent time with the head of the Red Cross in town. I went to him to get an understanding of the protocol they use in a situation such as this.

I realized I didn't quite fit into the Red Cross' model of relief. I already had a ticket to New York that left in about a week. I wanted to do what I could to help so I flew into the destruction in Manhattan a few days after flights became available. There was much more going on in city than the exhausting repetition on televesion.

I came home two weeks later with over 30 hours of the real life in the heart of New York after 911. Our lives are the result of the decisions we make under our darkest hours." - Enrique Montiel

Click here to see "NYC, September 2001" (Quicktime movie)
Click here to see "NYC, September 2001"
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Historical documentation at the time of 911 attack.

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An interview with Enrique and the next installation from this series will appear November 1st, 2006 alognside the Dalai Lama, John Hagelin, Satyagraha, Jean Houston, Steve Bhaerman, Peace Jam. LEARN MORE >>>

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