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For two decades Enrique Montiel has proven the universal law that desire makes all things possible. He is a passionate advocate for social change through personal empowerment. As a life success researcher, accomplished filmmaker, two-time Olympic Team Contender, published writer, professional speaker, and regularly featured human potential expert on radio and television, Enrique touches people from all walks of life to transform their lives into the magnificent masterpieces they deserve to be.

Enrique has pursued the achievement of excellence for over half of his life as an athlete, filmmaker, entrepreneur, human potential researcher, and BASE-Neuro-Linguistic Programmer/Developer. Since 1989 he's interviewed, studied, and modeled life excellence in human behavior, psychology, performance and results using the powerful modeling science of NLP originated by human potential pioneers, Dr. Richard Bandler, John Grinder, and pop-culturized by their student Anthony Robbins.

Enrique is the inventor of the Achievement By Design™, Living By Design™, and Experience By Design™, and New Year/New Life! human potential systems that he promotes in his private practice, through Be Success Training, Life Enhancement Systems, Optimum Life Institute, and Champion By Design Institute. Enrique is also a published writer, accomplished independent film director, a two time Olympic Team Contender, and is a featured radio personality on NewBiz Radio every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at

Through one of Enrique's lifelong advocacies of personal and professional empowerment lectures, seminars, and workshops, he trains people from all walks of life to transform and optimize the quality of their personal and professional lives. Enrique has served as a peak performance and turnaround consultant to many businesses, entrepreneurs, educators, top athletes, prison convicts, entertainers, students, young children, the clinically & chemically challenged, psychiatrists and psychologists.

Enrique Montiel is originally a San Diego, California native. He now resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado where he is authoring new books, developing several 21st century businesses, lecturing, training, consulting and continuing revolutionary human potential research & discovery.

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Enrique is available on a limited basis for keynote speeches, workshops, seminars, consulting and coaching on a variety of topics relating to life achievement, peak human potentiality and possibility.

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