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Whether you are a company or group seeking inspiration, motivation, insight, healing or performance excellence, Enrique Montiel brings a dynamic and impactful presentation to help your group reach its true potential. Enrique has provided professional presentations for over a decade to audiences from all walks of life in both in the public and private sectors. Invite Enrique to join you at your next event.

In his live programs Enrique inspires audiences drawing from a rich pool of life experience as a human potential expert, optimum life authority, entrepreneur and filmmaker. Audiences find new motivation and personal power that boosts quality of life, productivity, sales and moral. There is no limit to human potential. There's no limit to our ability to motivate ourselves beyond anything we've ever known before. Passion is the genesis of genius and passion is what Enrique Montiel delivers. 100% passionately straight up mind enhancing philosophies and strategies from one Generation X's visionary statesmen.


Stepping Up & Stepping Out! (View Clip - Windows Media / Quicktime)
There is so much untapped potential within each human being. It's not difficult to tap into it. Often times we only need to be reminded of that powerful part of us. In this presentation, Enrique engages the audience with insight, knowledge and wisdom that challenges the particiants to step up and step out toward greater achievement and success. This talk is a specific call to action that will serve as a catalyst for lasting improvement in your group or organization.

After Shock
When tragedy strikes our lives it can be a crippling experience or a liberating one. There is ancient Chinese symbol that represents both tragedy and opportunity that represents a philosophy that in any adversity lies the seed of a potentially greater benefit. This talk is perfect for people, individuals and groups who have suffered a tragic loss of an individual or individuals due. It is a compassionate presentation to both warm the soul and heal its wounds. If a tragedy has occured in your life this presentation can help with the road to healing.

Visionary Leadership Matrix
Today's leaders must not only lead people to perform better, they must incorporate visionary conscious thinking to guarantee success in the future. This presentation incorporates breakthrough concepts to leading your group at the forefront of this millenium. sustainable mindset for our new millennium.

Living Alchemy
The ability to consistently champion (fail forward) the challenges that come up is the most important skill for any organization to posses. In this presentation your group will learn how to overcome challenge and crisis with powerful and practical practices. Through this talk your group will also improve decision making and leadership in any situation. And your group will also optimize the process of development and growth.

    Other presentations include: Life Force, The Life Code, Experience By Design, Living By Design, Utopia NOW!, The Olympic Life Success Formula, Gold by Design, NLP Matrix

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    "Wrestling with the Devil" (movie)
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    "NYC, September 2001" (movie)
    Historical documentation at the time of 911 attack.

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    Whether you are a company, group or organization committed to optimize performance or if you are seeking the inspiration and fundamental strategies to excel to your next level of success, Enrique Montiel will entertain, empower & educate your audience with a dynamic and memorable presentation.



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