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Enrique Montiel is an entrepreneur and private researcher. He is the CEO of Life Enhancement Systems, LLC and creator of CHAMPION by design™. For nearly two decades, Enrique has studied and modeled the key ingredients that allow people to produce world class super performance. Enrique is the developer of the by design breakthrough human potential training technology that empowers people to access their full abilities.

Enrique has professionally addressed audiences in lectures, seminars and workshops throughout the United States and internationally at venues such as Esalen, Optimum Health Institute, University of California Berkeley, Portland State University, the University of San Diego, United States Olympic Committee, University of Colorado, The Colorado College, the City of Colorado Springs, the International Raw Spirit Festival and many more venues with his unique passion, vision, and insight.

At twenty-two Enrique devoted himself to the frontline of the largest organized peace movement on Earth: Olympism. Using the power of mental visualization, a raw food lifestyle, and sheer grit, he tapped his potential to transition from renegade indy film artist to Olympic contender in man's oldest and toughest sport: Wrestling. A giant accomplishment, five years retired from high school, Enrique earned All-American and his first of two Final US Olympic Team Trials births.

His Olympic effort also served as a the rich environment from which he studied, modeled, applied and proved the outer limits of human potential. Through a long-term private independent research study he has uncovered universalEnrique Montiel David Kamatoy Dan Leavitt Pink Future Productions That Night mare beliefs, attitudes and life strategies that produce the greatest in the human potential. As an athlete, Enrique's body became one instrument to systematically test principles of the mind-body connection under the most demanding physical, emotional and mental load scenarios.

Enrique is a veteran independent social filmmaker with over 40 documentary and narrative productions to his credit. His contributions to the motion picture industry include development support of the revolutionary Pro8mm film format led by industry visionary, Phillip Vigeant. Enrique coined the term "Conscious Filmmaking" in the early nineteen ninety two to describe the genre of intentional filmmaking that expands audience consciousness through the great literature of our time.

In 2001 Enrique produced twelve documentary films including one in New York City during the time of the fall of the World Trade Center towers titled: Making A Peace of 911. In 1990, in the spirit of the work of Margaret Meade and Gregory Bateson, Enrique began producing lifelong legacy time capsule documentary of this evolutionary moment in our human existence.

Enrique resides in Colorado where he researches, tests and develops human potential systems used around the world. You can contact Enrique at (719) 227-7177, through email at Enrique@ChampionByDesign.com, on Twitter: @ChampByDesign, and at Facebook: ChampByDesign

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